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Connecting you to today’s Middle East and the world, how it works and why it matters to you, wherever you are…

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People Like Us is a brand new podcast show hosted from Beirut by award-winning journalist and New York Times best-selling author Kim Ghattas.

Anchored in Kim’s home city of Beirut, the show pushes the envelope by discussing the big questions, uncovering surprising connections and the powerful personal stories of the speakers, doers, movers and shakers from across the region, as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It will unpack the key issues that matter in the Arab world but resonate with a global audience, connecting the dots that bind people everywhere, from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong.

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In the first season of the show, Kim talks to film makers, activists, authors, refugees, politicians, even a sexologist, exploring a pressing theme in every episode, from Roe v Wade to impunity in Syria and Ukraine, bringing a fresh, distinctive perspective on current events, as well socio-economic and cultural trends.

Latest - Episode #6

The Interview: Jeffrey Feltman

What drives U.S. foreign policy and who are the humans devising the policies? A look behind the scenes of American diplomacy.

Guest: Jeffrey Feltman

Episode #5

Narrating the Middle East

Can we understand a culture and a region when we don’t read its authors? A discussion with authors, poets and literary agents from the Middle East about reaching new audiences.

Guests: Zeina Hashem Beck, Ahmed Naji, Yasmina Jraissati

People Like Us fills a hole in the podcast world, from and about, the greater Middle East, explaining why events and trends in the region matter, challenging dominant narratives, away from headlines about terrorists and tyrants.

Tapping into the renewed interest in international news, following the war in Ukraine, People Like Us will step back from the daily headlines every season to reflect on larger themes, to produce episodes that are timely and timeless and speak to the concerns of a young generation both in the U.S. and in the Arab world, as well as a global Arab diaspora.

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