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From rising prices at gas pumps across America to how the Roe v Wade decision impacts the Arab world, there is an inescapable need to better understand the Middle East...

From the team that brought you Fat Leonard and Resistance: Stories from Ukraine and Kabul Falling, People Like Us is a production of Project Brazen in partnership with PRX, and hosted by award winning journalist Kim Ghattas.

A contributing writer at The Atlantic magazine, Kim grew up in Lebanon’s civil war during the 1980’s, which made her want to become a journalist. Always focused on making sense of the chaos around her and explaining current events and their context to others, she started in Beirut with a local paper, then on to the Financial Times and the BBC, covering every major event in the region over a decade for television, radio and print. She then moved to Washington D.C. as the BBC’s State correspondent, covering American foreign policy and traveling around the world with the Secretary of State during the Bush and Obama administrations. Kim’s focus is explaining the world and her home region to her audience and finding connections that can bring people closer.

from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong

from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong

from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong

Meet the creators behind People Like Us

Executive producer Jane Beresford is a multi-award winning radio producer. During her long career within BBC Current Affairs, she produced highly researched radio documentaries from Europe, Asia and Africa, as well as interviews and lecture series including “The Reith Lectures”.

Researcher and producer Farah Baba is a graduate of the American university of Beirut, a translator and occasional writer, with background in labor migration advocacy and reproductive rights. She is currently a Chevening scholar at University College London.

Luka Djordjevic is a sound engineer and audio technician from Belgrade, Serbia who has worked on music, film and video audio production and is now a full-time podcast producer and founder of YourPodcast agency.

The original score was created by Haig Papazian, violinist of the iconic Lebanon indie rock band, Mashrou Leila. An inspiration to millions across the region, Mashrou Leila pushed the boundaries of political and sexual lyrics in their songs, advocating for LGBTQ rights. Haig composed a score that is modern but Middle Eastern, distinctly from the region but universal.

The logo was created by Jamal Saleh, a multidisciplinary designer from Beirut. Jamal wanted to convey the warmth of the personal conversations of the show with an accessible, lower case letter font, on a background of discreet, structured Arabic script that is stripped to its bare layers which then come together to form the lettering. The juxtaposition of the English and Arabic scripts preserves the show’s regional identity while speaking to a global audience and expressing diversity.

Project Brazen is a global journalism studio and production company specializing in ambitious fact-based narratives. They deliver thrilling stories via podcasts, books, documentaries, television shows and films.

The company was founded in Singapore in 2021 by Tom Wright and Bradley Hope, former colleagues at the Wall Street Journal and co-authors of Billion Dollar Whale.

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