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Kim Ghattas

Award-winning journalist, author, Middle East expert, and a child of the Lebanese war Kim Ghattas, has twenty years of on-air experience as a radio and television correspondent and anchor for the BBC and the Financial Times, covering the Middle East from Beirut and American foreign policy from Washington DC for a U.S. and global audience. She is now a contributing writer for The Atlantic.

She is the author of the NYT best seller The Secretary - A Journey with Hillary Clinton from Beirut to the Heart of American Power (Holt 2013). In 2020, she published Black Wave -Saudi Arabia, Iran and the Forty Year Rivalry that unraveled Culture, Religion and Collective Memory in the Middle East, which was named a 100 Notable book of 2020 by the New York Times.

As an author, her writing has been praised for making complex geopolitics accessible through personal storytelling. Her interview style is personal, thoughtful and incisive. She brings a built-in audience through her time as a broadcaster, her books and her online presence. Born and raised in Beirut during Lebanon’s civil war, Ghattas speaks English, Arabic, French and Dutch and lives between Beirut and Washington D.C.

from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong

from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong

from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong

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